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Rizz Rice is Britain's first rice pudding bar. We craft innovative rice pudding flavours, capturing a moment where a cherished British dish is blended with global inspiration and tradition. We’re reigniting the passion and love for this timeless dessert.

We want folks to see rice pudding in a new light. For some, it’ll be about reliving a childhood moment with their favourite flavours from around the world. For others, it’ll be trying something brand new, unexpected, and bursting with originality. Our pots & balls have a perfect balance of freshness and indulgence, catering to all tastes and moods. We want to encapsulate the notion of ‘treat yourself’, in a colourful and wholesome way. It’s about that old favourite dish that you’ve forgotten about, presented in front of you at a market stall. It’s about just absolutely having to have it, that favourite dish you had with your family at home, but haven’t even thought about since Tiktok puddings became all the rage. It’s evocative, and it’s tasty.

Rice pudding evokes fond memories all over the world. From Mexican arroz con leche, to nutty Thai black sticky rice, to the creamy pudding served with a dollop of strawberry jam you had as a child, rice pudding pots allow you to taste nostalgia with every spoon. Loved by people from all walks of life, rice pudding transcends culture to be the perfect serving for customers in the melting pot of London.

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